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Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations



     At Mental Wellness Montclair, Dr. Hallie Malbin offers comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational evaluations for children and adolescents.  Through the evaluation process, parents will gain an understanding of their child’s cognitive, academic, social and emotional strengths, and areas of weakness. The report will include individualized recommendations for the child’s home and school environments. 


The evaluations are designed to identify: specific learning disabilities (including dyslexia), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, executive function deficits, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression and cognitive impairments.    



The evaluation process includes:

  • A parent intake meeting 

  • A review of records 

  • Communication with teachers

  • Two to three testing sessions 

  • A parent feedback meeting

For more information you can reach us at:

(973) 210-7310


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