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Anxiety Therapy

Do You Wish You Could Live A Life Free From The Grip Of Anxiety?

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Are you struggling with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem?

Do you feel so lost in your head that you can’t enjoy the moment? 

Is your schedule so overbooked that you have no room for self-care?

Anxiety can impact your social life, job performance, and overall health. It makes you feel like you’re living at a thousand miles per hour, unable to slow down your thoughts and quiet your mind. You might suffer from sleepless nights, nausea, muscular tension, and other physical ailments. Deep down, you probably wish there was someone in your life who understood what it’s like to live with anxiety and knew how to help you regulate it. 

Anxiety Drives You To Overwork Yourself And Leaves You With No Empty Space In Your Life


The hallmark of anxiety is fear of failure. Your brain catastrophizes and imagines the worst will happen in every situation. Although this can motivate you to succeed, it can also cause you to overperform and overwork yourself, making you more likely to crash and burn. You might leave no empty space on your calendar and have little room for self-care in your life.

If you’re tired of running yourself ragged trying to contain your anxiety, we encourage you to pursue therapy with us. Here at Mental Wellness Montclair, our mission is to help you quiet your anxious thoughts and find stillness in the midst of life’s storms. We serve kids, teens, and adults who struggle with anxiety.

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Anxiety Is A Normal Response To Stressful Or Dangerous Situations 


Over 30 percent of adults in the US are diagnosed with anxiety at some point in life.* Yet given how many cases of anxiety go undiagnosed, the actual number is probably far higher. Many people suffer from anxiety without even knowing it. Others may feel too ashamed to seek help because of the stigma around the condition.

In reality, anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of—it’s a normal human response to stressful environments. Anxiety can help you stay alert and motivate you to succeed on tests, job interviews, and other important tasks. But if anxiety gets too powerful, it reaches a point where it becomes counterproductive, sabotaging your ability to perform at a high level.

Our Culture Of Productivity Has Made Anxiety Ubiquitous 


Between overloaded schedules, constant screen time, and high demands for success, many of us have little time for rest. Our culture is obsessed with productivity—we’re supposed to be plugged in, on the go, and checking off our to-do lists 24/7. Many of us are also juggling careers and parenthood and struggling to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We’re used to getting work emails at 10 PM and having no boundaries between our personal and professional lives. 

The truth is that we as a culture are not taught how to relax. Our society teaches us to associate relaxation with laziness. Counseling is a chance to invite self-care back into your life and cultivate a healthier relationship with anxiety in the process. 

Therapy Can Help You Release Your Anxiety And Live A Fuller, More Vibrant Life 


Anxiety thrives in isolation. That’s why having someone who can gently hold you accountable and regularly check in on you is so essential to healing from anxiety. A therapist can freshen your perspective and help you challenge the thoughts and beliefs that reinforce anxious behavior. 

At Mental Wellness Montclair, our therapists specialize in helping people of all ages overcome anxiety. We will give you tools and strategies for managing anxiety that are uniquely personalized to suit your needs. Additionally, we’ll help you build your confidence so that you can slowly step out of your comfort zone and live a fuller, more vibrant life.

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What To Expect In Anxiety Counseling Sessions


Together, we’ll explore the roots of your anxiety and unpack any past experiences that have contributed to your current stress. We’ll work on releasing emotions that haven’t been processed yet and focus on bringing your awareness back into the present moment. 

On a practical level, therapy often looks at what you can do to set yourself up for a day with less anxiety. We’ll help you get to know your triggers and teach you new skills to manage them, such as meditation, breathwork, and other somatic techniques for calming your nervous system. The goal is to create a self-care routine that works for you. 

If you’re struggling with social anxiety or your stress is related to a relationship in your life, we can utilize role play in therapy to help you practice new communication skills. Role play gives you a way to safely experiment with different social situations and make a habit of standing up for yourself. 

Tailoring Your Anxiety Treatment Plan


Our approach to anxiety therapy varies depending on the client, since we treat children, teens, and adults. Many of our counselors use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is all about identifying the negative thought patterns that trigger your anxiety. CBT can teach you to recognize when you’re engaging in unhealthy thoughts (e.g., catastrophizing, black-and-white thinking, etc.) and help you make a concerted effort to choose new ways of thinking. 

We also utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a powerful method of stress-relief that incorporates the wisdom of the mind and body. With EFT, you will focus on a specific emotion while tapping different pressure points on your body, allowing you to release the anxiety that’s been building inside of you.

No matter which approach works best for you, we’re confident that you can decrease your anxiety symptoms and learn to feel more present in your life. When you feel safe, heard, and supported by a compassionate therapist, it becomes much easier to overcome the hurdles of anxiety. 

You May Have Some Questions And Concerns About Anxiety Therapy…


I’m worried that my therapist won’t understand me.


We provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can freely share your thoughts and emotions. Our therapists have lots of experience helping people with anxiety—there’s very little that can surprise us. We understand that anxiety can cause lots of thoughts that feel strange or unsettling. Our goal is to normalize your experience so that you realize you’re not alone and that other people share the same struggles. 

How long will it take to feel better? 


Generally speaking, you should experience a positive shift in your feelings after the first session. After all, being seen, heard, and understood is relieving in and of itself. That said, it’s important to remember that everyone heals at their own pace. If you’ve been living with anxiety for a long time, we encourage you to be gracious and patient with yourself throughout the healing process. 

How do I know that therapy will work?


As long as you’re committed to working through your struggles, therapy can lead to growth and transformation that lasts for the rest of your life. You still have to do the work, but we are here to facilitate that work so that it’s easier for you. The mind and body naturally want relief—our role is to help them get there.

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Let Us Help You Find Stillness Again


If you want to make room for self-care and learn new ways to quiet your anxious thoughts, we would be honored to support you. To learn more about how anxiety therapy can help you, email us or call 973-210-7310.

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